4 Ways to earn money from telegram

4 Ways to earn money from telegram

hello, friends welcome to my blog today I teach you 4 ways to earn money from telegram if you use telegram this article is very important for you I can tell you 4 latest methods to earn money from telegram so please read this full article I will give you full information.

What Is Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app you can send a message, it is fast. easy and secure way to a sent message. Telegram is a social media platform you can create groups and send media to your contacts, telegram is like WhatsApp you can also use telegram for audio and video calls, Telegram is a Very Famous Social media Application. Pavel Durov is the founder of telegram

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money from telegram using Affiliate Marketing You can share your Affiliate link to the telegram channel and if anybody can purchase some things from your affiliate you can get affiliate commission and you can earn money from telegram more you get costumers you can get more affiliate commission.

Paid Promotions

you can earn money from the paid promotion if your group is popular then you have a chance to earn money from Paid Promotions, Some Companies Will contact you and give you promotional Photos and Videos to promote their business in return they give your money for promotions. If any biggest company contact you for Promotions You Can Charge Big Amount from Paid Promotions.

Promote other Social media Accounts on your Channel

You can also earn from your telegram from promoting other social media accounts like the Facebook page, profile, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media Profiles you can charge the handsome amount to promote other social media networks.

Url Short links

you can earn from URL short links this method is a very easy method to earn money from the telegram

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