How To Become A Successful Youtuber In 2021

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Welcome back to my blog today i tell you how to become a successful YouTuber if you want to make money from YouTube
channel and make your channel viral and become a popular YouTube then you read this article carefully i can tell you everything to become successful youtuber

How to become successful youtuber
First of all if you want to become youtuber first of all you need to share knowledge on YouTube. If you come on YouTube only for the purpose of earning then you cant come to YouTube because your focus only on earning not on your content so plz don’t waste your time on YouTube.
upload video daily without any break and make videos on Hot topics and high quality videos.

Benefits to become a youtuber
Become popular on YouTube is not very easy because you upload videos daily. You spend more time on YouTube
If you are popular you have many fans they want to meat you. you become a fan
If you become popular you earn a lot of money from YouTube and paid advertisement

Disadvantages of youtuber
if you are a youtuber there is no guarantee that you get money lifetime because once your account ban you cant earn money more from YouTube
if your channel got hacked you lost your channel and there is not possibility to recover your account.

friends you read article i give you all information about advantages and disadvantages for become a youtuber

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