MTH 302 Gdb no 1 Solution 2020

MTH 302 Gdb no 1 Solution 2020

MTH 302 Gdb no 1 Solution 2020
Total Marks = 10
Starting Date = Tuesday, December 08,
Closing DateMonday, December 14,
Status= Open
Question = 1Question DescriptionDear students topic of discussion is:

“How mathematics is involved in Merchandising?”

Merchandising math is a skilled topic that involves many levels of the retail process, including assortment planning vendor analysis mark up, pricing, and term of sale

understanding the ordinary dating notation for the terms of payment of an invoice
2 solve merchandise pricing problems using markups and markdowns
Calculate the net price of an item after a single or multiple trade discount

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Calculate the amount of cash discount for which payment qualifies.





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